Clerical Work Vortex Tornado Recycled Paper Text Shredding Sculpture

My work serves as a backward glance at the fallacy of progress, and the fickle nature of throwaway culture. It is our over reliant belief in gadgetry, and our sudden shifts in technology that create enormous waste. The work is intended in part as a reminder to our collective amnesia of what our (sometimes recent) past looked like and to form an aesthetic of the remnants.

Systems of order such as library catalogs, and their progressions away from physical paper becomes a chaotic storm that settles as landfill once the system has died. Ledger paper, fax paper, rolodex and library cards, misprint poster runs, shredded paper and cast off printed forms are used as material for drawing, writing or paper-mached forms. I am a scavenger and re-purposer of this material, I love the freedom of using a material once valued, now discarded.

I am curious about the ghosts that have touched these discarded objects; the hands I will never see. Office paraphernalia, library cards and ledgers, often-handled objects and evidence marks of the human touch in their frayed edges. Many of my earliest toys were office supplies; rubber stamps, staplers, out of date calendars that I would reuse as notebooks.

The interactive Rolodex pieces include automatic writing typed on every Rolodex card, activated by a wheezy model helicopter motor. In pressing the Rolodex motor’s button the viewer receives a random slice of poetic absurdity and serious thought. They are landscapes or diagrams presented in a circular form, very much influenced by John Cage's interest in chance and the random.